We Want to Move into Our New Condo

As soon as my husband told me to look at the different Treasure at Tampines condo floor plans, I knew that we were going to finally make our move. We had been discussing it for years, but it had just not felt like the right time for either of us. He had heard about this new development though, and he really liked everything he had seen with it. He wanted me to look at the floor plans though because if I did not see something that I liked, then we would just need to keep looking at different developments as we found out about them.

We have ten year old twins, and they have always shared a room. When I told them I was going to look at floor plans, I asked if I should look at two bedroom units or three. While they have always loved being in the same room, they said to look at three bedroom units because they could use one as a playroom for now, and then it would be able to be converted into a third bedroom if they should choose to have separate bedrooms.

There are four three bedroom units, and they go all the way up to almost 1100 square feet. I looked at each one in detail, and the largest one is the one I liked best. It has everything we could want in it, and there is even a small yard for the girls to play in. I showed it to my husband when he came home, and it is the same one that he had picked out for us. That made it seem like it was meant to be even more, so he started the paperwork that will make it ours. We are all excited for the day when we can move into our new condo!