Starting All over in a New Home

My husband and I said that we were going to have to move to a new home because our old one was just too big for us. Our daughter had gone to college and I knew that things were changing for us as well. I wanted to move to a smaller house because I did not want to clean an extra bedroom and and extra bathroom if I did not have to. I had to look up cleaning services in Singapore to find someone that Our house was large but we made it a home for many years. I thought that since we had about ten years left until we retired that it would be nice to move to a house where the housework was less and we could go out and do a lot of things together instead when we got out of work. He always wanted to go for walks after work and I would always tell him that I could not go because I had to clean a room in the house. I did not like to spend time on the weekends cleaning if I did not have to.

Instead of spending time doing the yard work, I told him if we moved into a smaller place with a home owner’s association, then we would be able to spend more time together going out and walking or going to the beach. He wanted to get me into hiking for many years so I thought that this would be the perfect time for me to start. I would rather start later in life than never know what it’s like to go out and hike. My husband is very happy with the idea that we can do more together during our free time and not worry about the house so much.