She Wants to Learn More Every Day

My daughter excels in all of her classes now, but that was not always the case. She was an A student in all of her classes but physics. She told me that she just didn’t feel anything for the subject, and that there was no excitement there. I told her that physics is probably the most fun science there is because it helps us to understand the world around us. I gave her a challenge, because I knew she would not be able to say no. I told her about a JC physics tuition that I had researched.

I told her that if she would go there and learn privately in a small group, I knew that her entire outlook on physics would change. I also promised her that if she went and did not like it after a couple of weeks, I would drop it. She took the challenge, just as I knew she would. I knew that I was not going to have to drop it, because I had researched the tutor in depth. I did not want her to go from a stale high school teacher to a stale tutor.

I knew she needed one that can bring physics alive for her. That is why I chose this particular tutor. His accomplishments at such a young age is another reason. He can inspire the students that he is teaching while making the subject fun. Making a kid curious about something is the best way to grab their attention, and it seems that is one of his teaching methods. I don’t know how the other kids did in his classes, but mine walked away with them with a new passion for physics. That was my intent all along, and I am so grateful that she wants to learn more every day now instead of just doing enough to get by.