My Wife and Kids Were Overheated

When my wife called me crying a few weeks ago, I thought the worst had happened. We have four children, and I thought something happened to one of them. She didn’t make me wait too long though, for which I am extremely grateful. She told me that she was at her wit’s end, because she was not able to get the air conditioner working at our house. She wanted to know if she should call a company that does air conditioning repair in NYC. I asked her a few questions, but it was pretty obvious that we were not going to be able to fix it over the phone with me 2000 miles away on a business trip.

I told her I would look online for the company that we should use, and I would contact them. I knew she was doing her best to keep the kids comfortable, as it was close to 90 degrees on the day she called. Inside, I knew that temperature had to be a lot higher and much more stifling. I quickly found a company that was able to get out there that day, and I called my wife back so she knew to expect them.

When the repairman got there, it did not take him very long to figure out what was wrong. There were a couple of parts that needed to be replaced, including the refrigerant since it was low. He also changed the filter because it was pretty dirty. The repairs did not take him very long, and he had cool air coming from the air conditioner in no time. My wife was so happy, and my kids were ecstatic. I am just thankful that the company we chose was able to act as quickly as they did on such a hot day!