Men Want to Feel Good About the Way They Look Each Day, Too

I was taught early on that males are not supposed to care how they look. It’s true that the majority of men do not feel that they need to wear makeup. In addition, society tells males that we should not wear it. Despite that, I found myself wishing that I could wear makeup like my wife does so that I could look better each day, too. After bringing that up to her, she pointed out that I can go to an aesthetic doctor instead because a doctor can change the way my skin looks permanently. I want to make it known that I wasn’t interested in wearing eyeshadow and lipstick, I simply thought it would be a good idea to wear some sort of foundation that would help to even out the way my facial skin looked.

I got the idea for wearing some sort of skin-colored makeup after I watched my wife wiping off her makeup one night before bed. She does not have bad skin by any means, but it was surprising to see that she does have some discoloration. I had never noticed it because she so often uses cosmetics. Having disliked the odd-looking brown spots on my face for years, I was thinking that I could use the same skin-colored foundation to hide the spots that stand out on my skin so much.

My wife thought it would be interesting to let me use her foundation to see if I felt better about myself after using it. She applied it carefully to my face and then handed me a mirror. The difference was like night and day. However, it was only a temporary fix. She made an appointment for me with a doctor who treats uneven skin. The results of the treatments look great and are permanent. This makes much more sence to me than using a product that is more of a hinderance on a daily basis.