Living Here is the Best of Both Worlds

I have always lived on my own. I know that some people would rather have a roommate so they can lower their individual costs, but I was willing to pay more so I can have my privacy. I like other people well enough, but I knew that I was too set in my ways to ever want to live with another person. When I started looking for apartments for Henderson NV when I got transferred there at my request, I knew exactly what I wanted. Because of that, it did not take me long to find it.

What really helped me the most was being able to look at pictures online of the different apartments in the area. Most complexes have their own websites with pictures and everything they offer, which makes it much easier and a whole lot faster for people like me. I was able to discount the majority of the ones that I saw because I was just not happy with one thing or another. When I got to Villa Serena though, I knew that it was the one. I don’t require a lot of space, so I chose to look at the smallest apartment first.

It is 850 square feet, and it really is perfect for me. The master bedroom has a huge walk in closet, and the bathroom is right next to it. The living room is slightly larger than my bedroom, which is actually a lot bigger than it might sound. There is a small dining area right next to the kitchen. My favorite spot though is on the opposite end of the living room. There is a balcony, and I can lose myself out there with some takeout or a good book. I never get lonely because I can go down to the clubhouse anytime I want to talk with others. It really is the best of both worlds here.