Kicking the Wig to the Curb

The aesthetic doctors in Singapore did a great job of giving me a full head of hair again. I was having a bad thinning problem that initially started at the crown of my head and spread to the other areas. It looked like I was going through some kind of terrible illness that was causing my hair to fall out. I had to buy a wig from a wig store and wear it around to keep my hair condition hidden. I didn’t like the way the wig looked and I was always worrying about everyone being able to tell that it wasn’t my real hair.

Once I went into the clinic to have my head examined and possibly to get some kind of treatment, I found out that while my hair was in bad shape, the problem could be reversed using a special laser treatment. I was willing to try anything the doctors could come up with if it meant that I would have my hair back and would no longer have to put on that silly wig that made me look like some kind of clown at the circus. They got to work right away on using the lasers to point at various areas of my scalp that had been thinning. They told me that after the treatment was done, it would take a little time for the hair to grow back, but once it did, it would be as if i never lost it.

The doctors were right, because as I looked in the mirror each day, I noticed that the hair was growing back bit by bit at a time. In a month, I had a full head of hair that I could style any way I chose. I was loving it so much that I was afraid to ever get my hair cut again.