It Will Be Stunning when It is Finished

I am intrigued by the New Futura Condo construction that is about to arrive on the scene in Singapore. As someone who has bounced from one place to another in the five years I have lived here, I am actually excited that I might be able to swing one of these new condos. When I first arrived in Singapore, I spent about a year living with a friend who also happened to be a work colleague. He is single so it wasn’t a problem, but I still wanted to get set up in my own place.

I have lived in a series of apartments ever since. While I love the city and its sights and sounds, I just haven’t been able to find a place I enjoy living in. It seems I get settled in somewhere and immediately run into some sort of problem that makes me want to leave. It’s either noisy neighbors, bad landlords, or a bad location. The last one seems to happen a lot. It is never fun to find a place you think you can afford and end up extending your commute time to work by orders of magnitude.

New Futura is exciting to me because it is in an area that is close to my job. Moreover, I like the idea that they’re going to put trees and plants inside the building as well as a sky garden up near the top of the building. I like the idea of living in an ecologically friendly building, which to me seems like the wave of the future. If I can afford one of the condos, I think I will be able to by the time they’re built, I look forward to living in a building that is going to have so many amenities. Singapore is going to be more interesting for me in the future@