I Was Never Hungry with Medifast

I am not the type of person to trust a lot of companies or products that promise to deliver incredible results. I am mainly talking about weight loss results, because I was overweight for the majority of my life. Notice I said was, as in past tense, because reading Medifast diet reviews changed how I looked at some of the companies that do have products that truly work. I knew that I needed to eat less food if I wanted to lose weight, but nothing I was doing seemed to work for me.

I was either left feeling really hungry or I felt really sick because I was just not getting the right nutrition in some of the diets I had tried. I knew that I needed to do something though because I was consistently gaining a few pounds every year. That might not sound like a lot, but add up the weight gain in ten years, and that kind of changes the perspective. The reason I wanted to find out more about Medifast is because a girl I work with told me her cousin had some pretty amazing results with it. I absolutely trust her, so I knew it was worth looking into.

I was happy with what I saw. Six meals a day would definitely keep my tummy happy, but I didn’t see how I could lose weight if I was always putting food in my mouth. It was what is in those six meals that make all the difference though. The meals are delicious, and they are nutritious too. They are loaded with a lot of protein and fiber and not with a lot of fat. That is a good combination, especially with the fiber as that keeps me feeling really full, even after a 100 calorie snack. I decided to try it for a couple of months to see if it was worth it, and I stopped trying it over a year later because I was finally where I wanted to be with my weight. I could not have done it without Medifast!