I Wanted a Nice Life for Me and My Son

I had a child very young, and I have struggled a bit in life because of it. But I wouldn’t give my little boy up for anything. I would not go back in time to change things because he is my world. My life is happier with him in it. So, when I found myself tired of living in the garage at my parent’s place, I wanted to go look at apartments for rent in Forest VA so that I could get a nice place for my son and I. My parents let me live with them so that I could save money. I did that for three years straight. I saved every little coin that I could, and now I have a nice little nest egg. I was ready to get something that would be nice for both my son and me. My parents were really proud of me, and I was proud of me, too.

I had my child when I was just 16 years old. It is along story, but the father disappeared as soon as he found out that I was having his child. That’s okay because he is not good enough to be in my life. If he wants to come around in the future to see his son, I will not deny him. But he will not be part of my life. I have been able to do okay so far without him in it full time. But I do hope that my son gets to know him better as he grows older. He’s a good kid.

I went looking all weekend long and found so many nice places. I picked one out that I could afford easily. It is so much nicer than living in your parent’s garage! And there are a lot of other little children who live in the apartment complex, so he will have lots of friends to play with! It will be perfet for us.