I Have Been Thinking About the Future

I have been thinking about the future a lot lately and wondering how I can achieve my goals, which is a very complicated thing. Of course like most anyone I would like to earn a really good living and not have to work like a dog to do it. Obviously I do not want to be a ditch digger, because those guys are severely underpaid and you do not have to try it long to figure that out. I have been thinking that I might like to own my own web design company for instance, or something similar to that in the broad outlines. You sit on your butt in a nice air conditioned room and you get paid a good deal of money for the work. When I started thinking about this it was really a lot about the concept of working for myself and not having to listen to a bunch of people telling me what I should do, so I was thinking that I could do this by myself in my bedroom or den or such.

However then I began to realize that there is a lot more to any job than just doing the actual work. Obviously a web design shop designs web pages and that is what they get paid to do. However in any enterprise there is going to be lots of other stuff that needs to get done and no one is going to be able to effectively do the primary job and all of the secondary stuff with no help. The big thing is finding the customers and dealing with them. You would definitely need one or more persons to handle that part of the deal. Then there is the usual overhead, administrative work and things like paying your taxes so the government does not lock you up.