I Had to Learn How to Do Things for Myself

I tried hard to work with my father at his business, but I am not a good salesman. I know that it disappointed my dad. He was also irritated at first when I left his company and began working at a company that does moving out cleaning in Singapore. He couldn’t understand the appeal, but he finally understood when I left that company and started my own company doing the very same type of work. It was then that he understood that I had simply wanted the experience so that I could learn enough to run a business the right way.

Dad has always felt that I am lazy. I would agree with him that I was very lazy when I was much younger. That is because dad makes a lot of money, and he often gave me money so that I could do as I pleased. In my mind, I had no good reason to get a job because I had no reason to. Then, one night, dad sat me down and told me that he would no longer be handing money over to me if I didn’t get a job. Not having any idea of what type of work I should try, dad suggested that I go to work for him. I agreed, but I felt reluctant about it.

Dad owns a car sales business. He does great at it, and customers love him. I worked there for him for about one year. I was a bad salesman when I started there, and I was a bad salesman when I left there 12 months later, too. Customers didn’t take to me as much as quickly as they did with dad. I began to feel ashamed of myself because I could see how unhappy my father was with me. So, I started thinking about the type of business that I could start on my own without needing to pay a high cost up front to get started. That’s when I decided to try to move out cleaning.