Building Bigger and Better in Singapore

The really neat thing about new residential condominiums in Singapore is what I see as the competition to do better than the last building that went up. It kind of reminds me of the technology wars when it comes to cell phone makers. Each architectural firm and construction company designs finer structures than the last ones built. They even outdo themselves. I kind of see this in the New Futura condo being built. It is being readied for occupancy this year, but will not be entirely finished. The artist renditions are pretty amazing.

The New Futura condo project will have a north and south tower. They are designed to resemble golden beacons at night. The 23rd level has aqua centers for each tower. The swimming pool shapes are different at each tower. Keep in mind that applications to get a condo in each tower have already been going on, and the occupancy of the building is filling up fast. Buyers seem to be clamoring to get condo units here as fast as they can. I do not imagine it will be too long before it is sold out.

I have always found that amazing for condo projects in Singapore in how the units are sold out before the buildings are even finished. However, I have heard from other sources that New Futura condo is way ahead of schedule for completion and if you have bought a condominium there, then you can move in now. I would like to go and see the building in person. Being a hobbyist of architectural design, it is on my list of things to do. I am amazed at the ingenuity of the architects and builders that make these residential structures here on the island of Singapore. There is a finite amount of landmass, so buildings are made tall.