Building Bigger and Better in Singapore

The really neat thing about new residential condominiums in Singapore is what I see as the competition to do better than the last building that went up. It kind of reminds me of the technology wars when it comes to cell phone makers. Each architectural firm and construction company designs finer structures than the last ones built. They even outdo themselves. I kind of see this in the New Futura condo being built. It is being readied for occupancy this year, but will not be entirely finished. The artist renditions are pretty amazing.

The New Futura condo project will have a north and south tower. They are designed to resemble golden beacons at night. The 23rd level has aqua centers for each tower. The swimming pool shapes are different at each tower. Continue reading » Building Bigger and Better in Singapore

Moving Far from My Parents

I have lived with my parents for 22 years. Even when I went to college, I just commuted from home because it was cheaper and more convenient for me. However, once I graduated, a great job offer came from halfway across the country. Even though it was my first time away from home, I was excited to start the next chapter of my life. My dad was a little more reserved than me though. I had found a great rental house, and my dad contacted ADT in Colorado Springs even before the moving truck pulled out of their driveway.

He is a police officer, so I can understand his worry about his only daughter moving 1,500 miles away. It would be different if I had been on my own before too, so he had more reasons to worry than most fathers. Continue reading » Moving Far from My Parents

Men Want to Feel Good About the Way They Look Each Day, Too

I was taught early on that males are not supposed to care how they look. It’s true that the majority of men do not feel that they need to wear makeup. In addition, society tells males that we should not wear it. Despite that, I found myself wishing that I could wear makeup like my wife does so that I could look better each day, too. After bringing that up to her, she pointed out that I can go to an aesthetic doctor instead because a doctor can change the way my skin looks permanently. I want to make it known that I wasn’t interested in wearing eyeshadow and lipstick, I simply thought it would be a good idea to wear some sort of foundation that would help to even out the way my facial skin looked.

I got the idea for wearing some sort of skin-colored makeup after I watched my wife wiping off her makeup one night before bed. She does not have bad skin by any means, but it was surprising to see that she does have some discoloration. I had never noticed it because she so often uses cosmetics. Having disliked the odd-looking brown spots on my face for years, I was thinking that I could use the same skin-colored foundation to hide the spots that stand out on my skin so much.

My wife thought it would be interesting to let me use her foundation to see if I felt better about myself after using it. She applied it carefully to my face and then handed me a mirror. The difference was like night and day. However, it was only a temporary fix. She made an appointment for me with a doctor who treats uneven skin. The results of the treatments look great and are permanent. This makes much more sence to me than using a product that is more of a hinderance on a daily basis.

I Was Never Hungry with Medifast

I am not the type of person to trust a lot of companies or products that promise to deliver incredible results. I am mainly talking about weight loss results, because I was overweight for the majority of my life. Notice I said was, as in past tense, because reading Medifast diet reviews changed how I looked at some of the companies that do have products that truly work. I knew that I needed to eat less food if I wanted to lose weight, but nothing I was doing seemed to work for me.

I was either left feeling really hungry or I felt really sick because I was just not getting the right nutrition in some of the diets I had tried. I knew that I needed to do something though because I was consistently gaining a few pounds every year. Continue reading » I Was Never Hungry with Medifast

It Will Be Stunning when It is Finished

I am intrigued by the New Futura Condo construction that is about to arrive on the scene in Singapore. As someone who has bounced from one place to another in the five years I have lived here, I am actually excited that I might be able to swing one of these new condos. When I first arrived in Singapore, I spent about a year living with a friend who also happened to be a work colleague. He is single so it wasn’t a problem, but I still wanted to get set up in my own place.

I have lived in a series of apartments ever since. While I love the city and its sights and sounds, I just haven’t been able to find a place I enjoy living in. It seems I get settled in somewhere and immediately run into some sort of problem that makes me want to leave. Continue reading » It Will Be Stunning when It is Finished

Using a Party Bus to Go to an Event

I knew I needed to get busy researching Toronto party bus rentals before time ran out on me. A group of us had decided just a couple of days ago to rent one if there were any available for a trip we decided to take for a wine tasting event. The funny part is that some of us didn’t even enjoy wine, but we still wanted to go just for the experience. That is why we decided that if we were going to make a big day of it, then we were going to do it in style.

It was my good friend who suggested that we look into a party bus since she had been on one not too long ago as part of a wedding she was in. She told us how great the experience was, and we all decided that it was one we wanted to have as well. Since I was the one in charge of transportation, I went to the website address that she gave me. I already knew that there were 19 of us going. Continue reading » Using a Party Bus to Go to an Event

I Needed a Good Divorce Lawyer

When I started looking at divorce lawyers in Austin TX, word got around pretty quick. Some people were surprised, but most had seen this coming for a while. It is not that my husband and I were the talk of the town or anything, but we do have a pretty large social circle and people could just see that we were not happy. We had talked about trying to make it work, but it just never seemed like he wanted to put forth the effort which was required. I finally had enough when he cancelled plans we had for nearly three months to go to a football game with his brother. Continue reading » I Needed a Good Divorce Lawyer