I Have Been Doing Advance Work for My Boss

I have been doing advance work for my boss and that is where things kind of get weird ever since his wife and his girlfriend both caught him rolling dirty. He has all of the money in the world and he figures that he shall be dead a long time before he runs out of the stuff. At the rate he is going I wonder if some beautiful young woman is going to take his money and kill him in bed so to speak. At any rate I am scouting the local Utah escort service today. He seems to trust my judgment when it comes to bad girls, and wants me to check to make sure that they are bad as he wants them to be. Unfortunately that does not mean that I get to sample the goods, it just means that I contact the girls directly and make sure that they are not going to show up, take their clothes off and ask to get paid. Continue reading » I Have Been Doing Advance Work for My Boss

The Boss Lady Sent Me to Las Vegas

I did not know why I was there at first, but it did not take me long to figure it out. Jack’s mom showed me a credit card statement and told me that she was going to cut him off if he did not stop blowing her money on blonde escorts. Apparently she had sent a private investigator to figure out what was going on with the boy, although he is forty three years old. She knows me and she knows that Jack might listen to me. Of course when I got there he just laughed at me, although he was not laughing when I told him that his credit card was about to stop working. Continue reading » The Boss Lady Sent Me to Las Vegas

Kicking the Wig to the Curb

The aesthetic doctors in Singapore did a great job of giving me a full head of hair again. I was having a bad thinning problem that initially started at the crown of my head and spread to the other areas. It looked like I was going through some kind of terrible illness that was causing my hair to fall out. I had to buy a wig from a wig store and wear it around to keep my hair condition hidden. I didn’t like the way the wig looked and I was always worrying about everyone being able to tell that it wasn’t my real hair.

Once I went into the clinic to have my head examined and possibly to get some kind of treatment, I found out that while my hair was in bad shape, the problem could be reversed using a special laser treatment. Continue reading » Kicking the Wig to the Curb

The Cello and a Girl Named Lisa

My daughter Lisa is the apple of eye. She is my pride and joy. My wife Rose and I would do anything for her. We definitely want the best for her. We so proud of all her accomplishments in life. We knew from an early age that she was destined to do great things in life. When Lisa was younger, she was very rambunctious. She had a lot of energy and played sports. The problem was that we wanted her to be well-rounded. We needed good cello class lessons in Singapore. My wife Rose and I wanted Lisa to be a refined young lady.

Music was always has been a very important part of my life. I used to play the cello in my high school orchestra. I was fascinated by the sound of the music. Playing a musical instrument taught me discipline and self-esteem. I also played the cello in my college orchestra. That was where I met my wife Rose. She played the piano. She was very good at it. Continue reading » The Cello and a Girl Named Lisa

We Want to Move into Our New Condo

As soon as my husband told me to look at the different Treasure at Tampines condo floor plans, I knew that we were going to finally make our move. We had been discussing it for years, but it had just not felt like the right time for either of us. He had heard about this new development though, and he really liked everything he had seen with it. He wanted me to look at the floor plans though because if I did not see something that I liked, then we would just need to keep looking at different developments as we found out about them.

We have ten year old twins, and they have always shared a room. When I told them I was going to look at floor plans, I asked if I should look at two bedroom units or three. Continue reading » We Want to Move into Our New Condo

A Good Time Was Had by All

I was chosen to head up this year’s corporate party entertainment for our annual party. I do have a knack for picking things that are fun for our office group, so I was excited to see what I could do for the entire corporation. Normally, the things I choose are for our small group of around 20 people, but I was in charge of entertainment for all of the departments. That meant around 200 people along with all of their guests, so it would be upwards of 400 people in total.

I knew that my small office games would not suffice, so I went online to see if I could find something that would be more suitable for such a large crowd. Continue reading » A Good Time Was Had by All

Mudding Has Been Good This Year

I knew that it was going to be a great year to take my raised truck in the mud when it was raining every day. Many people said that they were not sure if it was going to be enough rain to get a great mud that is fun to go through, but I knew that it was going to be perfect. I was going to look for mobile auto detailing in Billings to see if there were places that were going to be able to get my truck clean again. I have a red truck and the mud was so bad that you would think that my truck is actually brown. My son told me that he could not believe how much mud we got inside the car. Continue reading » Mudding Has Been Good This Year

Trying out a New Restaurant

My friends and I were hungry for some food one day, and wanted to have something besides the usual pizza that we would order on a Friday night. We were in the mood for a little Italian, so we looked for a San Diego Italian restaurant that we would be able to visit. None of us had really been to an Italian restaurant, so we were kind out just looking for one in the dark. We found one that was particularly popular in the area, and hopped in the car so we could get some food.

After being seated in the restaurant, my friends and I looked at the menu and picked out some entrees. Continue reading » Trying out a New Restaurant

I Have Been Thinking About the Future

I have been thinking about the future a lot lately and wondering how I can achieve my goals, which is a very complicated thing. Of course like most anyone I would like to earn a really good living and not have to work like a dog to do it. Obviously I do not want to be a ditch digger, because those guys are severely underpaid and you do not have to try it long to figure that out. I have been thinking that I might like to own my own web design company for instance, or something similar to that in the broad outlines. You sit on your butt in a nice air conditioned room and you get paid a good deal of money for the work. When I started thinking about this it was really a lot about the concept of working for myself and not having to listen to a bunch of people telling me what I should do, so I was thinking that I could do this by myself in my bedroom or den or such.

However then I began to realize that there is a lot more to any job than just doing the actual work. Obviously a web design shop designs web pages and that is what they get paid to do. However in any enterprise there is going to be lots of other stuff that needs to get done and no one is going to be able to effectively do the primary job and all of the secondary stuff with no help. The big thing is finding the customers and dealing with them. You would definitely need one or more persons to handle that part of the deal. Then there is the usual overhead, administrative work and things like paying your taxes so the government does not lock you up.

Starting All over in a New Home

My husband and I said that we were going to have to move to a new home because our old one was just too big for us. Our daughter had gone to college and I knew that things were changing for us as well. I wanted to move to a smaller house because I did not want to clean an extra bedroom and and extra bathroom if I did not have to. I had to look up cleaning services in Singapore to find someone that Our house was large but we made it a home for many years. Continue reading » Starting All over in a New Home